Mens Chinos

mens chinos

Mens chinos are a must have item of clothing for any man’s wardrobe. Chinos are versatile, go with almost anything, and are ideal for both formal and informal events. They also make great pants for the winter.

Originally, chinos were made from Chinese cotton twill fabric. During the Spanish-American War, US soldiers’ uniforms were made from the same material. The military gave the chino its casual appeal.

Today, chinos come in a wide range of colors, fits, and materials. If you’re looking for an affordable pair, there are plenty of options at Amazon.

Another good option for mens chinos is Mugsy Jeans. Their chinos are priced slightly higher than other options, but they are incredibly comfortable. These chinos have an athletic-fit, feel like tailored sweatpants, and feature a polished style. They are also the most stretchy.

Men’s Wardrobe Essential: The Chino Pant

If you’re interested in more formal chinos, look for a pair of Bonobos. These pants are made from stretch cotton and feature a curved waistband. They’re available in more than 15 different colors.

You can find both casual and dress chinos at Nordstrom. They carry brands such as Vineyard Vines, Canali, and Tommy Bahama. They offer free shipping and stellar customer service.

These chinos are made from organic cotton. The material is also water-resistant. People who perspire might also be interested in these chinos’ odor-control qualities.

These chinos are perfect for the fall. They are constructed from heavyweight stretch cotton chino twill. They’re well suited for colder weather and leather boots.