Choosing Work Out Clothes

work out clothes

Whether they work out at the gym or on the trail, many exercisers swear by their work out clothes. And while some purists still wear cotton tees to the gym (although experts agree that they’re a bit less effective than synthetics), most sweat-havers appreciate the breathability of fabrics like polyester and nylon, which are a better choice than cotton for workouts.

The most important thing about the work out clothes you choose is fit, but style matters too. Some people prefer a roomier look, while others want fitted outfits that show off their curves. And while the specifics depend on your activities, a good place to start is with a supportive sports bra that holds everything in place and wicks away sweat, as well as shorts and leggings that move with you but don’t ride up.

Workout Clothes 101: Finding the Perfect Gear for Your Fitness Journey

Some fitness brands have made it their mission to rethink every aspect of the workout wardrobe, from the fabric to the design. For instance, Lululemon’s buttery-soft activewear is thoughtfully designed to flatter most body types, while Girlfriend Collective offers a range of silhouettes and uses breathable, eco-friendly fabric to cater to women who need more support.

For a more affordable option, try Old Navy’s workout shirts, leggings and tracksuit bottoms. Its workout pants, for example, have been praised for their high waist and stretchy material, which help you feel supported even during vigorous exercises. And while its shorts are a little snug, they’re not as tight as those of some other brands—and the price is right.